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The Dutch band DOOL creates a dark, intriguing blend of progressive rock, metal, and post-rock. 'DOOL', derived from the Dutch word for 'roaming', originally emerged from the ashes of 'The Devil's Blood' and 'Elle Bandita' in 2015. This spring, the quintet presented their third album, ‘The Shape Of Fluidity’, at Roadburn. On this follow-up to the highly acclaimed albums 'Here Now, There Then' (2017) and 'Summerland' (2020), produced and mixed by Magnus Lindberg (Cult Of Luna, Russian Circles, Tribulation) and mastered by Ted Jensen (Ghost, Mastodon, Muse, Talking Heads, AC/DC), once again resounds the characteristic infectiousness and dynamism for which DOOL is so well-known.

Guided by the powerful vocals of Raven van Dorst, the album delves into themes of self-discovery, swimming against the current, and facing the world head-on, with Raven van Dorst also incorporating personal stories into the music.