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    FOLLOW '22/'23

    Fotolab Kiekie and Melkweg Expo are back with a new group exposition, showcasing the final results of FOLLOW '22/'23. FOLLOW is a personal coaching program for budding artists. For this year, we've looked at ambitious plans for local and socially engaged projects located in different parts of the city of Amsterdam. For this extended themed edition, seven image makers were each given a working budget and the assignment to create a new series that reflects on the Amsterdam district where they live, work, grew up, or with which they are connected in some special way.

    The seven participating photographers of FOLLOW '22/'23 and their chosen city districts are:

    Anna Theunissen - Amsterdam Centrum
    Chris Becher - Amsterdam Zuidoost
    David Holscher - Amsterdam-Zuid
    Iñigo Viu Huguet - Amsterdam-Noord
    Lin Woldendorp - Amsterdam Nieuw-West
    Martijn Kuyvenhoven - Amsterdam-West
    Saskia Vervoort - Amsterdam-Oost

    For six months, these photographers were individually guided by Fleurie Kloostra (Melkweg Expo), Denise Woerdman (Fotolab Kiekie), and several external experts from the photography field: Nick van Tiem, Ellen Sanders, Lotti Pronk, Caroline O'Breen and Hans Gremmen. They dove deep into the world of photography; among other things, they participated in the Dutch Photography Day (organized by DuPho) and participated in the speed dates of Arty Party, where they showed their portfolio to several other professionals.

    Together, the final results reveal the vibrant diversity of a metropolis like Amsterdam. Anna Theunissen examined in The City As A Black Box how we interact and relate to each other by photographing residents of a temporary shelter in the heart of Amsterdam. Chris Becher, in Elsewhere, With Here, highlights the constant state of limbo and uncertainty endured by young (un)documented migrants in Amsterdam Zuidoost. David Holscher went into Zuid for his project u n l a b e l e d, portraying 16 young men who belong to his 23-year-old son's close group of friends, all of whom have a strong relationship with each other and with Amsterdam Zuid. With his series, Iñigo Viu tries to portray the beauty of the locations that people of different economic levels visit in 'his' gentrifying neighborhood in Noord. For Sloterplas Swimmer, Lin Woldendorp wanted to capture the diversity of Sloterplas and the silence of the water that acts as a haven for the swimmers, a place where they escape from the everyday and find peace. Martijn Kuyvenhoven takes a look at Amsterdam's contemporary squatting scene and Saskia Vervoort focused on wanderings in Amsterdam Oost, inspired by the diary entries of the Dutch writer "Nescio.

    Now the final results of these extensive processes will be presented at Mina Gallery & Cafe from 15 to 31 December 2023, and compiled into Kiekie no.40 The Talent Issue, which will be launched during the opening night. Admission is free. We hope to see you all there!

    Opening FOLLOW '22/'23
    Friday, December 15, 17:00 - 21:00

    FOLLOW '22/'23 exhibition
    December 15, 2023 - January 2, 2024

    MINA Gallery & Cafe
    Weteringschans 69

    Regular opening hours:
    Wednesday - Sunday, 08:00 - 18:00

    FOLLOW '22/'23 is made possible by Fotolab Kiekie and Melkweg Expo.