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F[R]EE – Behind The Scenes of the Free Party Movement (2022)

Amsterdam Dance Event

Q&A: Alessandro Ugo & Stefan ZMK / Host: Holly Dicker


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18:30 Doors 19:00 F[R]EE – Behind The Scenes of the Free Party Movement (2022) 20:20 Q&A with Alessandro Ugo

Set across different European countries, F(r)eE is a feature length documentary exploring the development of tekno music from its early stages to nowadays. Covering a 3-decade journey, F(r)eE shows how this genre exploded into the collective consciousness, reaching people of every age, race, and social class, becoming one of the lasting examples of counter culture. By combining original footage recorded in the first rave parties with high-quality interviews featuring the most relevant DJs and music producers of the scene, the film digs into the core ideas behind the free party concept, its evolution throughout the years, and the shift that brought it into clubs and festivals. After the film, there's a Q&A with director Alessandro Ugo.