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Home Front


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The raw energy of hardcore punk, combined with synths, is what you get from the Canadian band Home Front. The group from Edmonton released their first full-length album 'Games Of Power' in 2023. On this you will hear a new, intense view on post-punk with what they call 'Boot Gaze'. In other words, the perfect clash from Oi! punk with 80s synth pop

At the front is Graeme McKinnon, who adds extra power to his scream-singing punk vocals live with his many jumpkicks. This meets synth-drenched new wave and pounding drum machines in a post-punk show with more fury than ever before.

'It’s an extremely fun combination of fists-up gang-chant street-punk and sleek, brooding, gothed-out synthpop — something like what might’ve happened if Depeche Mode had gotten really, really into the Cro-Mags and the Business in 1986.'

Stereogum describing Home Front