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18:00 Zaal Open 19:00 Igor

22-year-old Igor's journey began on a computer screen from a peasant attic room in musschendorp. Where the Internet introduced him to the world outside. The utopian fragmentation and sense of abstract belonging that comes with the infinite possibility of the Internet shapes him, his art and with them a generation of peers.

Igor quickly develops a great fondness for language, guts and overgrown sound from a range of different backgrounds. Broadens himself as a vocalist (singing, rap, spoken word), physical performer, composer, arranger at the utrechts conservatorium. and here learns to create his delusions, with influences from hip-hop, cabaret and classical music, into reality. which forms into energetic shows full of virtuosic musicality and emotional overwhelm.

In 2020, this artistic glutton formed a fifty-piece orchestra, thirty-piece event organization and thirty-piece visual team, around his debut project "child by the sea. It is now carefully exchanging its child sizes for bigger shoes, getting ready to refresh Dutch ears with new sound from a new generation!