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The originally Groningen pop band IOS (formerly: Is Ook Schitterend) is back with new music and a tour of Dutch pop venues. The Dutch success formation immediately scored a big hit in 1997 with their debut single 'Voltooid Verleden Tijd', from the album 'Hemel & Aarde'. After this success, the band released many albums and singles, with their 2007 album 'Open' putting an exclamation point behind ten years of making music together. In October 2009, IOS bid farewell.

In the spring of 2021, they picked up where they left off and made plans to release new music and get back on stage together, releasing the single 'Days Like These' in December 2023 and their latest song 'Together' on May 10, which is a musical ode to friendship. In October IOS is coming to Melkweg!