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JDL - Behind the Wall (2023)


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18:30 Doors 19:00 JDL - Behind the Wall (2023)

Director Deborah Faraone Mennella followed street artist Judith de Leeuw for one year. During her life in the Netherlands and during the creation process "Love is Stronger Than Death" in the Italian city of Taranto. In spectacular fashion, you can see how the 30-meter mural is created. Usually social issues are leading in JDL's designs. This time, however, it is her father's death that plays the common thread.

Italian-born director Deborah Faraone Mennella more often characterizes her work with powerful and intimate images. She has also previously portrayed fashion designer Fong Leng and artiste Marte Röling.

For Judith, not only the art form is central, but also the message behind the mural. All of her artworks have a story. In this film, Deborah takes you into her perspective on the story "Behind the Wall.