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Mad Caddies


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19:30 Doors 20:00 Belvedere 21:10 Mad Caddies

Almost two decades ago, the Mad Caddies emerged during their high school years in California. Since then, they've circled the globe countless times, delighting their fans with a unique blend of reggae, punk, ska, and pop. With their latest album, 'Dirty Rice,' which was brought to life with the assistance of NOFX's Fat Mike, the Mad Caddies have proven that they are as passionate and energetic as ever.

In many ways, the band's first full album in seven years returns to their roots, demonstrating that, despite changing trends and times, the Mad Caddies' dedication to creating dynamic music has only grown stronger. The band continues to reinvent themselves, serving as a enduring source of inspiration for fans around the world.

Support: Belvedere

The Canadian melodic punk band Belvedere will kick off the evening tonight. Known for their technical speed and melodic vocals, the band has also appeared on the lineups of the Warped Tour and Groezrock Festival.