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Meis / Annelie / CUT_ (dj-set) / Hannah Rojer / Laura Diamond / Christopher Markovici


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19:00 Doors 19:30 Annelie 20:15 Meis 21:45 CUT_

Aysha de Groot, better known as Meis, is a singer-songwriter from Amsterdam and the creator of MeisFest. Meis writes intimate songs about illness, trauma, recovery, strength and the search to selflove, and is influenced by artitsts such as Phoebe Bridgers, Dodie, and James Blake. Her first EP, 'Een', was released in 2021 and had its own release party in Melkweg! On January 19th, her first album, 'Zwart/Wit', is planning to be released and will be followed by a tour through the Netherlands and Belgium. The tour will end in Amsterdam with MeisFest in Melkweg, where not only her music will be displayed, but also different artforms by different artists. The line-up for this event will be announced soon, but Meis will of course close this exciting evening!

Last January, her debut album 'Zwart/Wit' was released, receiving national praise. During Meisfest, she will perform as a closing act presenting her debut album.

The full line-up has been announced! In addition to Meis, we welcome:

Being a keyboardist for Eefje de Visser and Maaike Ouboter, Annelie has certainly earned her artistic spurs. Influenced by cinematic and melancholic pop music, she is in the musical lineage of Sufjan Stevens, Bon Iver, Radiohead and Eefje de Visser. Her instrumental albums, both of which take piano as a starting point, are widely acclaimed with nearly 50 million streams on Spotify. On her latest EP, Annelie aims to infuse more diversity and experiment with electronic elements.

CUT_ (dj-set)
During Meisfest, electronic Amsterdam duo CUT_ will present a hybrid DJ set, combining music from artists they love with their own work, while implementing live vocals and improvisations from Belle. Their latest album takes heavy inspiration from the raw sound of Amsterdam's club scene, blends it seamlessly with their roots in alternative pop music and is specially crafted to bring even more energy to their live shows. They go for an uncompromising sound that sucks you in and spits you out.

Christopher Markovici
Romanian performer Christopher Markovici will join Meisfest with an expressive, fierce, humorous show. Doing so, he embodies his truest essence both inside and out. Instead of focussing on 1 art form only, Christopher innovatively combines the many forms of art that define him as an artist. From expressive pole art, (aerial) acrobatics to impressive dancing on his pointy shoes; Christopher tells his magical stories.

Hannah Rojer
Artistic pole dancer Hannah Rojer combines her old skool dance roots with modern floor work, pole dancing and (aerial) acrobatics. This is interspersed with a gentle, organic energy. Her performances tell the story of the dance pole. By being vulnerable, open and sensually expressive, Hannah hopes to encourage her audience to stand deeper in their own power, and be more deeply in touch with themselves.

Laura Diamond
Introducing the tiny & spicy Laura Diamond! With a background in hip-hop competitions, Laura discovered her passion for pole dancing in recent years. Embraced by the pole dancing community and her studio, she earned the nickname 'Laura Diamond' for her undeniable sparkle. Now she is ready to shine with an intoxicating performance at Meisfest!

"Meis tackles everything so deliberately that the private takes on something universal and becomes art" - ✭✭✭✭ - De Volkskrant

"Zwart/Wit has really become a breathtakingly beautiful record" - 3voor12

"'Zwart/Wit sounds warm and intense, playful and at times quite complex and above all very touching" - Lust For Life

"Meis enchants with songs from which you never want to leave" - OOR

"Enchantingly beautiful" - Frits Spits NPO Radio 1