• Exhibition

Milk Solo - Rox Klijn


    Rox Klijn delves into themes of identity, transformation, and connection in the exhibition ‘VEL’ The metaphor of shedding old skin represents transformation and self-discovery in Rox's work. They explore the delicate balance between autonomy and surrender, and the ongoing quest for genuine connection with others without losing oneself. ‘Where do I end and where do you begin?’ is the question Rox seeks to answer through their imagery. Their photography serves as a medium to pose profound questions about body, gender, and sexuality, highlighting the ever-present nature of change in life.

    About the artist
    Rox Klijn uses their camera to ask the questions they never dared to voice, to others and perhaps even more so to themselves. Central to their work are inquiries about being yourself without a mask, about body, gender, and sexuality, about living and surviving. Change, whether Rox welcomes it or not, is always a pivotal element in their art.

    This program is made possible by the Mondriaan Fund.