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MILK SOLO: Shertise Solano


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    11:00 - 19:00

    Shertise Solano creates magical worlds that transcend the tangible, everyday reality. Solano employs various materials in her work, primarily consisting of collages, films and objects. She began creating collages after feeling that she no longer belonged in the theater. She started filming and photographing performances, then cut and incorporated these images into collages. This shift led her work more towards the visual arts.

    With her monumental collages, Shertise portrays mystical figures: part human, part animal, with penetrating eyes and outstretched claws, primarily in bold black, white, and red. She translates her dreams and visions into her work, resulting in a recognizable and highly personal visual language: raw, energetic, and exhilarating.

    Shertise Solano

    Shertise Solano (1982, Rotterdam) is a Dutch-Caribbean multimedia artist with a background in theater. Using her own face as the primary element in her collages, she creates animal-human figures with outstretched claws that exist in a world without time, place, beginning, or end. She completed her acting and theater maker training at the HKU Theater and graduated in 2005. In 2022, she graduated with a Masters in Fine Arts from the Piet Zwart Institute. Since 2013, she has been combining theater with visual arts. Solano creates collages, videos, and installations. She has exhibited at venues such as W139, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, and Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam.

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