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RADAR: Guusje Walstra / MINU


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19:30 Doors 20:00 MINU 21:15 Guusje Walstra

Discover upcoming Dutch artists at Melkweg RADAR, live from the UP! On April 12, we welcome Guusje Walstra and MINU.

Guusje Walstra
Guusje is a singer, songwriter and producer. With her classical background and early interest in pop production, 20-year-old Guusje is refreshing the Dutch music scene. At a young age, she enters into collaborations with various artists, songwriters and producers. After several years of searching and experimenting, she finds her place in avant-pop, known for artists such as Christine & Queens, Imogen Heap and Caroline Polachek. Her music gives you an abundance of emotion, nostalgia and affirmation. With a raw voice, powerful synth productions and the most personal stories, you'll be put right in her shoes. Guusje Walstra's debut single 'Een Reden' is available to listen to everywhere from November 3.

This talented pop singer effortlessly creates beautiful melodies with her guitar and a deep, lived-in voice that appeals. Her unique and compelling singing style adds a special touch to her pop music. MINU's songs honestly explore the complexities of adult life that people sometimes prefer not to speak openly about. From love and relationships to the highs and lows of existence; she captivatingly expresses these experiences. When you listen to MINU's pop songs, you are taken on a profound exploration of these challenging themes. Her music is more than just entertainment; it helps you reflect on your own thoughts and insights about the realities of adult life.