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Reggaeville Easter Special

Dub FX / Anthony B / Eek-A-Mouse / Yaksta


Please note: this event has already taken place

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19:00 Doors 19:30 - 00:00 Reggaeville Easter Special

Amsterdam is Reggaeville! This Easter Monday the Max is taken over again by this populair online magazine and you can enjoy a great line-up with some of the biggest reggae stars of today:: Dub FX, Anthony B, Eek-A-Mouse and Yaksta. Happy Easter!

Dub FX once started as a street musician, armed with nothing more than his own voice and a loop station he has played all over the world. Now he is on a mission to promote self-empowerment, community, and oneness through his inspirational art, music and live perfomances. "I will remind people that we are not just hackable algorithms if we stay conscious and aware." Expect his signature uplifting vibe with delicious dub and reggae influences. After his smashing show in 2023 at the Melkweg, we are happy to have him back for a special show at the Reggaeville Easter Special!

Anyone who has seen the "original fireman" live before knows that this conscious singer is the right man for a dazzling reggae show. Dynamically and with full conviction, he will blast his songs into the hall, his energy invariably spilling over to the audience. And the Jamaican is not only omnipresent on stage, Anthony B also stands his ground in the studio. He is still one of the most productive artists of our time.

Eek-A-Mouse is a special presence in reggae country. Not only because of his impressive stature, but also because of his unique style of singing ('sing-jaying') on all genres in between ska and dancehall. The story goes that Eek-A-Mouse got his name from a racehorse of the same name, which lost races exclusively and on which he kept wasting his money. The one time Eek decided not to bet, the horse almost naturally won the race. Biddi boing boing!

Kemaul M. Martin, aka Yaksta, is a successful reggae and dancehall artist from St Mary in Jamaica. After several jobs in hospitality and retail, Yaksta finally made the choice to pursue a full-time career in music. He became known for hits like 'St Mary', 'Humans' and 'Ambition', and his latest releases 'Assets (Fowl Coop)' and 'That Time Again' are also rapidly gaining popularity worldwide.

Unfortunately, the previously announced performance by DUB INC cannot take place due to personal reasons. Ticket buyers can get refunds via Ticketmaster.