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Roza Robein - Guardian Angels 1-7


Please note: this event has already taken place

    In the exhibition 'Guardian Angels 1-7,' Roza takes us on a journey through her thoughts and ideas about prejudices and misplaced perceptions about women. Throughout the centuries, there have been various stereotypical perspectives of women. Hundreds of years ago, women were associated with witchcraft, while in the 1990s they were primarily seen as objects of desire. The time when Roza grew up coincided with the period when 'bimbo' was still used as a derogatory term. However, in recent decades, the concept of 'girly' has been transformed and claimed as a powerful, feminist representation of empowerment and individuality.

    In Roza's work, characters like 'bimbos' and 'horse girls' take on prominent roles, challenging us to look beyond superficial stereotypes and explore the deeper meaning of human identity. For this exhibition, she has created seven 'Guardian Angels' on paper, presented in cardboard and plaster-crafted altars. These 'Guardian Angels' embody Roza's interpretation of protection and empowerment for the underdogs of our society. In 'Guardian Angels 1-7,' Roza explores the power of perspectives and how it enables us to see the world and ourselves in a new light.

    You can come and admire Roza's work on the wall of our MILK Café, each Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 - 19:00.