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Dit is de nieuwe datum voor de verplaatste shows van 29 mei, 15 oktober '21 en 15 maart '22. Kaarten en lidmaatschappen blijven geldig. Kaartkopers ontvangen per mail meer informatie.

19:00 Zaal Open 19:45 Angelita 21:00 Shygirl

Blane Muise, better known by her stage name Shygirl, is a British rapper, DJ, singer, songwriter and co-head/founder of record label and collective NUXXE. Shygirl's music incorporates elements of hip house, industrial hip-hop, grime and deconstructed club. Blane rose to prominence after working with close collaborator and friend Sega Bodega, as well as other well-known experimental pop producers Arca and SOPHIE, gaining attention from the likes of Rihanna, using various NUXXE tracks for her Fenty Beauty commercials and fashion shows. Shygirl has released various singles since 2016, and two EPs titled Cruel Practice and ALIAS. Unapologetic and far from shy, Blane uses “‘60s psycho-esque with a bounce" (Pitchfork) tracks to realise sexual desires, transgress taboo and empower.