The Veils


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Indieorockband The Veils made a name for themselves with dark romantic records that stood out for clever melodies and emotional sagacity. Creative mastermind behind the band is Finn Andrews, globe-trotting goth from a rock 'n roll family; his father is XTC's Barry Andrews. Nevertheless, the New Zealander with the seasoned raspy voice and distinctive hat, could just be Nick Cave's son.

After seven years, the rock formation is back with a new double LP! '...And Out Of The Void Came Love' is the result of this tumultuous period of injury, isolation and new life. The result of all these years of questioning, confinement and precarious uncertainty is the magnificent new double album from The Veils … And Out Of The Void Came Love. It is an album intended to be listened to in two sittings with a short break in the middle, or as Andrews instructs: “Make a coffee or smoke a cigarette – but don’t mow the lawn or go to the movies or something, that takes too long.”