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Total destruction, the only solution?

NOB Productions


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20:00 Doors 20:30 Show

During "Total destruction, the only solution?" the rappers confront you with the consequences of our actions as humanity, the world must burn. Because if we live in a world where Western presidents permit wars. And profits and capital are bigger than humanity. Then the world must burn in ashes. Who is left to save, who is going to pay, who has already suffered and who is yet to bleed. The evening is all about musical expression and has been put together by a group of young creators working from theatre, performance, video, rap and dance. They feel they are forced to speak out about the state of the world.

Where at the beginning, they announce the end, at the end they hope for a better beginning.

NOB Productions is a young collective consisting of: Nabil Benkers, Saul Bargai, Roy Kaneza, Joe Sinduhije and Sean Sinduhije. For this project, they collaborate with Jelle Huizinga, Stephen Rutayisire, Thomas Lotgering, Ciro Martin and Joris Buizer. As a collective, NOB moves across several disciplines. They make, create, co-create and enjoy bringing other creatives together. They bring out the unheard sound.