Yellow Days


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George van den Broek aka Yellow Days is a reference to his synesthesia, the ability to see colours while listening to music. The young Londoner says he applies these extra emotions within all of his art, from the music he creates to album artwork. With his melancholic slacker pop and seductive vocals inspired by Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles, his style has also been described as a sensual version of Mac DeMarco and King Krule.

With the release of 'Slow Dance & Romance', he completed a series of EPs he released this year. Each EP from this triptych is built around a specific sound or style, psychedelic rock to jazz-funk. Van den Broek compares the EPs to "different houses on the same street.", while hopping from house party to house party.

On 19 April, the highly productional Brit will come to The Netherlands for a performance in our OZ hall.