The Melkweg is accessible to everyone. Find answers to our frequently asked questions about accessibility and specific information regarding each venue hall on this page. Our building has several halls, which means we often have different programmes taking place at the same time.

Access to the building and facilities
Our main entrance on the Lijnbaansgracht is located on at ground level. The Max and OZ venue halls, as well as the café MILK and Melkweg Expo can be accessed from the main entrance hall. The first and second floor are accessible by elevator. The first floor has an extra locker room and provides access to the balcony of the OZ. The Upstairs and Cinema halls are located on the second floor.

The regular entrance to our café MILK and Melkweg Expo is located at Marnixstraat 409. Please note: The entrance door opens directly to a staircase. Visitors who require an accessible entrance can make use of the main entrance on Lijnbaansgracht 234a and will be guided to the café or Melkweg Expo.

The Melkweg has one (wheelchair) accessible toilet on the ground floor, in the entrance hall of the Max. You can make use of this toilet when visiting any of the venue halls. Our staff is more than happy to assist you in finding your way. Please keep in mind that it may take some time to access this toilet from other halls.

The availability of seating options differs per hall. The Upstairs and Cinema halls always have seats available. The Max and Oz halls do not have any standard seats available. There are limited spots on either side of the two halls and on the balconies where you can sit or lean. If you need a seat due to a physical disability, we are happy to arrange a chair for you. Please note: At busy or sold-out events, this may not be possible. We therefore ask you to contact us in advance of your visit to the Melkweg at so we can provide sufficient information and assistance on the night.

Designated wheelchair spaces
The Max has designated accessibility spaces available for wheelchairs. The other halls do not have designated wheelchair spaces, but our staff is happy to assist you in finding a suitable space. Please contact us in advance at so we can provide sufficient information and assistance on the night of your visit. You do not need to purchase a wheelchair user ticket; regular tickets will provide you access to the Melkweg. 

There are a limited number of (wheelchair) accessible parking spaces in the vicinity of the Melkweg. The nearest accessible parking spaces are located on the Leidsekade, at numbers 76, 88 and 92. This map on the Municipality of Amsterdam website provides an overview of all accessible parking spaces in the city. Please note: the Leidsekade parking spaces are in a paid parking area. To park here for free, you must apply for a separate permit from the Municipality of Amsterdam. Visit this website for more information.

The nearest parking garage is Q-Park Byzantium, in this garage there are two (paid) accessible parking spaces.

Preparing for my visit
Below you will find extensive information about each of the Melkweg venue halls. Is this your first visit to the Melkweg, and would you like the opportunity to visit one of the halls at a quiet moment before the concert? Contact us at to make an appointment.

More information about the halls
Below you can find information about the accessibility of each hall. In some cases, our programmes take place in several halls at once. If this is the case, our staff will inquire into how you can best move between the halls.