Emerged in the gritty scene of Brixtion, where Fat White Family also has its roots, Shame swiftly built an unparalleled live reputation. Rattling talk-singing, love songs with sharp hooks, and an even greater aversion to the established order come together in an explosive live show!

After 'Songs of Praise' and 'Drunk Tank Pink,' their third album 'Food For Worms' dropped in early 2023. Despite the somewhat morbid name, the album celebrates life. It marks a new chapter for Charlie Steen and his mates, with a focus on the environment and friends, rather than oneself. Following an impressive performance in our MAX with this album, we couldn't resist inviting them back.

About Pretty Pissed

Let’s release some ANGER during PRETTY PISSED! On Saturday, May 25th, Melkweg presents "Pretty Pissed." A day filled with punk in the broadest sense of the genre, as long as it's pissed! Let yourself be carried away by the energy of shredding guitars, ruthless drums, heartfelt lyrics, and we're not afraid to embrace some electronic beats!