Super fans F.A.Q.

Frequently asked questions by super fans

  • F.A.Q.

    • We understand that you are very excited about the concert, so are we! However, it is not possible to come to Melkweg during the day. You can come to the bridge in front of our entrance two hours prior to the show. This way we're trying to keep nuisance for our neighbors to a minimum and we can make sure that the road remains clear for through traffic in our street. 
    • It happens sometimes that fans come up with their own system for the queue. However, we as Melkweg are not responsible for this, and unfortunately we cannot guarantee that this system will  be maintained at the door.
    • The length of a concert is determined by the artist, so we cannot indicate an end time for concerts. In most cases, the main act plays for a maximum of one and a half hours. A few days prior to the concert you will find the definitive timetable on our website.
    • If you bought VIP tickets on Melkwegs website, you will receive an email a few days before the show with a timetable and more information about the VIP package. The artist and their management are responsible for the content and composition of this VIP package. Melkweg therefore has no influence on this and is not responsible for the content and settlement of the VIP package.
    • For each program, there are different bag policies. Small bags are often allowed, but you may be asked to store them anyway. In that case we have lockers where you can leave your belongings. More information about the lockers can be found on this page.
    • Merchandise is offered at the initiative of the artist, Melkweg is not involved in the selling process. The artist and their management determine whether they accept cash or debit cards. Please note: sometimes you can only pay with cash! We have an ATM in the building, but we still recommend bringing cash if you'd like to buy merchandise.

    • You may bring your reusable water bottle to Melkweg if it's empty upon entry. It is not permitted to bring your own drinks inside. This way we can eliminate plastic disposable bottles. Make sure you drink enough water during and prior to your visit. 
    • Melkweg is not a big venue, so you have a good view of the artist from anywhere. So there is no need to stand in line all day! If you do wish to stand in line early, we advise you to bring enough food and drinks with you, or to eat well in advance. Always follow the instructions of the security.