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1984 Night At The Arcade: The Valerie Collective

College / Maethelvin / Devereaux 85


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  • € 17,25 Voorverkoop
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  • Minimumleeftijd 18+

It’s been 6 years since we’ve had our friends of the Valerie Collective from France over at 1984 Night at the Arcade. It’s time for a reunion. We’re excited to welcome College and Maethelvin for a back to back dj set. Together with Night Arcade dj Devereaux 85 aka The Night Arcade Soundsystem they are going to take us on a musical journey through time. We’re going back and fort blending all these 80s sounds together. From original 80s Italo, US disco, wave and synth-pop to Chicago, French and acid house from the past, present and future. Get your dancing shoes ready and join us one more time this year.