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5 Broken Cameras (2011)

Heat presents Elza Jo

Talk: Elza Jo


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18:30 Doors 19:00 Introductie Elza Jo 19:10 Talk met Yousef Gnaoui en Elza Jo 19:15 Broken Cameras (2011)

Together with Heat, an Agency that represents filmmakers, we present a bi-monthly movie night curated by their wide array of passioned creators, designed for everyone looking to connect and be inspired. Every edition will center around a unique host and their inspiring guests; they’ll select a main film that showcases what they are all about and motivates them within their creative field. And they will take you on a two-hour journey into their vision.

This third edition will be hosted by Elza Jo, with 2011's "5 Broken Cameras" as the main film. This penetrating documentary is a personal testimony from a Palestinian father who spent five years filming the peaceful protests of his fellow villagers against the construction of an Israeli barrier wall. Cameras break on a regular basis. The documentary won numerous awards at international film festivals and was nominated for an Oscar.

Elza Jo on the film:
"We participate in Emad Burnat's life, get to know his children, look right into the worry on his wife's face. His friends become our friends. In this film, which comes horribly close, we see a demonstration of power of the camera. Emad Burnat's tiny camera shows us that our lives are exactly nothing different. Exactly nothing, except a devastating occupation. The power of the camera is the power of humanity. In a world where we are increasingly pitted against each other as opposites, this is the only means by which we can continue to see each other."

The proceeds from this screening will go to Plant an Olive Tree Foundation.

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