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Bad Like Brooklyn Dancehall (2023)

IN-EDIT Music Documentary Film Festival

Short: Film Location Jamaica - Trench Town (2024) / Intro: Alek Gerring & Emiel Martens / DJ Joss-Flo Selecting


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21:30 Doors 22:00 Short: Film Location Jamaica - Trench Town (2024) 22:04 Bad Like Brooklyn Dancehall (2023) 23.45 No Diggity (OZ) = Free Entrance

IN-EDIT is back! From 11 to 21 April the sixth edition of the music documentary festival takes place at the Melkweg. Again many great music films will be screened this year, like this documentary about dancehall produced by Shaggy, with afterwards the classic Hip Hop party No Diggity in the OZ. The film about Cypress Hill that was originally scheduled on this night has unfortunately been cancelled. 

Bad Like Brooklyn Dancehall explores the emergence of dancehall in the 1980s and 1990s as Jamaican immigrants brought the music, dancing, and vibes of their home to New York City. Nicknamed the 15th Parish of Jamaica, New York became home to an influential movement that saw dancehall rise alongside hip-hop and eventually spread across the country. Executive produced by Shaggy, this documentary brings in heavy hitters like Sean Paul, Ding Dong, and many more, including Shaggy himself, to tell the story. With never-before-seen archival footage that bridges the journey from Kingston to Brooklyn, this film will delight not just dancehall fans but believers of the power of music to bring people together. The film is an experience that will have you on your feet dancing.

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