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Be The Fool (2024)

IN-EDIT Music Documentary Film Festival

Q&A: Joris Postema & Jade Finch


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14:30 Doors 15:00 Be The Fool (2024)

IN-EDIT is back! From 11 to 21 April the sixth edition of the music documentary festival takes place at the Melkweg. Again many great music films will be screened this year, like this documentary about the Dutch hippie art collective The Fool, with Q&A!

In the 1960s, avant-garde artists Barry Finch and Josje Leeger belonged to the illustrious and colourful artist collective The Fool, together with Simon Posthuma (father of Douwe Bob) en Marijke Koger. They made clothing, LP covers, photography and paintings, and collaborated with The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and other rockstars. They also made music and their first album was produced by Graham Nash. Now that they have passed away and are slowly being forgotten, their children, Jade and Scarlet Finch set out to find the meaning of their parent’s legacy. The search takes them back tom legendary locations – from London to Los Angeles and from Ibiza to Amsterdam – and to the legends that used to be their friends, like Graham Nash, Donovan, and Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson. Woven through the film are colourful scenes from the music show’ Fools Paradise’, written by Barry and Josje in the 70s. Written as the follow-up to the world-famous musical Hair, ‘Fools Paradise’ is a story about finding your identity. As Jade and Scarlet are confronted with their rock-and-roll youth, Jade notes that being the Fool is actually a great compliment. It means believing in your dreams. After all, what is life if you don’t believe in anything?

After the film, a Q&A with the director (Joris Postema) and the protagonist (Jade Finch) will take place. 

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