• Concert

Brant Bjork Trio


support: Earth Tongue


    19:30 Doors 20:00 Earth Tongue 21:00 Brant Bjork Trio

    Brant Bjork stands as one of the key figures in the Palm Desert scene, having previously served as the drummer for Kyuss and Fu Manchu. Over the past two decades, he embarked on his solo career as a singer, guitarist, and band leader, establishing his own record label, among other endeavors. This year, Bjork is returning to Europe, but this time with the Brant Bjork Trio. The trio features Ryan Güt on drums and his longtime friend Mario Lalli (Yawning Man), a trailblazer in desert rock, on bass guitar.

    Support: Earth Tongue

    The psych rock duo Earth Tongue opens this evening! Guitarist Gussie Larkin brings fuzz-smothered riffs, and together with the eccentric drumming of Ezra Simons, they have previously been the support act for Ty Segall and Queens of the Stone Age!