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CHAINSAW MAN X kensuke ushio

support: Jerrau


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19:00 Doors 19:00 Jerrau 20:20 kensuke ushio

Following his phenomenal showcase at ADE 2023, kensuke ushio returns to Amsterdam joined once again by VJ Kazuki Wada, offering a one-of-a-kind live set drawing from Ushio’s renowned soundtrack for the animé blockbuster Chainsaw Man. This first-ever headline show in The Netherlands will be a true multisensory experience, recreating the world of Chainsaw Man through Ushio's visceral, glitch-infused beats and Wada's immersive projections inspired by the series’ bold, beautiful, and bloody imagery. 

kensuke ushio, a prominent composer in Tokyo's electronic scene, has gained acclaim for his innovative work in Japanese anime series and films such as the globally acclaimed 'Chainsaw Man,' ' Silent Voice,' and 'Liz and the Blue Bird'. Trained in piano and music at university, he transitioned to electronic music at 20, marking a pivotal moment in his career. After making a name in Berlin's techno scene, he launched his career as "Agraph" in 2007, later becoming a live member of Denki Groove. Ushio's talent in melody, programming, and artistic vision has produced memorable scores for anime-hits. Recognized as the Hans Zimmer of anime, he collaborates with renowned anime studios.