• Concert

Club Première

met o.a. VERNIKOV, nomomo en MARNIX


Please note: this event has already taken place

  • Price:
  • € 10,35
  • € 8,05 korting op vertoon van studentenpas
  • Excl. € 4 (month)/€ 25 (year) required membership.

19:00 zaal open 19:30 aanvang

Graduation isn't the end - but merely a beginning, according to Sophia Vernikov, Marnix Bausch and Tania Ferrageau de St Amand - graduating students from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam after four years. Club Première will introduce their brainchildren to their first step into the world. Expect a varied evening with influences from rock, techno and pop, among others. Will we see you there?

VERNIKOV makes you dance to the beat of her groove. Envision catching sun rays on Sunset Boulevard or driving down Highway 1 late at night with the windows down. VERNIKOV aims to match this vibe effortlessly. Inspired by bands like Psychic Mirrors, Pond en Inner Wave the act will take the stage for the very first time on the 16th of May 2023.

A warm bath of harmony infused psychedelic folk. A touch of dreampop, a pinch of rock and a sprinkle of quirkiness.

This young, energetic producer from Amsterdam combines pop music with influences from house and electro. Alongside all the electronic violence, Marnix writes vulnerable lyrics about his life, bringing electronic beats together with human energy. Get ready to feel, embrace and dance at 131 bpm!