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Cobra the impaler


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Born out of a deep desire to combine metal with catchy visuals, Cobra The Impaler emerged on the scene in 2021 with their debut album ‘Colossal Gods’, which told the exploits of monstrous heroes and cunning gods on soaring hooks and melodies. After storming the festival stages of Hellfest, Brutal Assault, Dynamo Metalfest, Alcatraz and more, the band returns with a new album! On May 31 they will release their second studio album, ‘Karma Collision’ - a collection of heavy anthems with catchy hooks and rousing choruses. On the album, the colors get deeper and the plot thickens as the band turns to a more complex way of writing songs. From the pounding guitars of ‘The Fountain’ to the dual drumming on ‘Magnetic Hex’, Karma Collision keeps surprising you!

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