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Diogo Nogueira


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19:00 Zaal open 20:00 Diogo Noguiera

Brazilian singer Diogo Nogueira from Rio de Janeiro has been singing with a lot of love for music and the samba in his feet for more than 15 years. Heir to the master João Nogueira, singer and songwriter and one of the greatest sambistas in Brazil, Diogo grew up surrounded by choro music, samba and many beats in musical gatherings organized by his father at home, alongside great masters of Brazilian music.

Samba music is in his blood, in his roots. In addition to selling over one and a half million records, his work has also been nominated for the Grammy Latin Award, which he has won twice. Diogo also gave concerts in more than 40 countries and recorded a DVD in Cuba.

This February, Diogo Nogueira will return to the international stages with his new tour "Eurosamba Tour", which promises to warm Europe with Brazilian musicality (including samba), one of the most beautiful in the world. Expect his biggest hits, such as "Pé de Areia" (one of the most requested on Brazilian radio), "Clareou", "Tá Faltando o Que?" and his most recent releases, "Flor de Caña" and "Deu Samba", as well as other songs by great Brazilian songwriters.