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IN-EDIT Music Documentary Film Festival - Industry Meetings


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18:30 Doors 19:00 Expert Talks

IN-EDIT is back! From 11 to 21 April the sixth edition of the music documentary festival takes place at the Melkweg. Next to film screenings the festival has Industry Meetings, including the Expert Talks.

The Industry Meetings is a yearly gathering for filmmakers and industry professionals of the field of music documentary, and a platform for creators to meet, discuss and learn. A place where new talents meet the experts, where new projects are developed, where the cutting edge of the industry is discussed, where networking is as fun as fruitful, where music and film join forces, where film and new media meet. The overarching theme for the 2024 edition is “Rhythms of Change – Innovating Music Documentaries”, where we explore how new technologies, platforms and creative approaches influence the way we tell stories about music, artists and music culture.

Expert Talks is a series where various professionals from the fields of film, documentary, music and emerging technologies come on stage to talk about their experiences, interesting projects and innovative ideas to inspire the audience and stimulate further discussions. There are 3 main talks in this programme, Crossovers, Hands-on and a Master talk.

  1. Crossovers: A fusion between conversation and experience in which new ideas about digital storytelling and the impact of technological advances on the music documentary industry are touched upon.
  2. Hands-on: What is the practical/technical side of digital storytelling? How do you make your music documentary immersive? In what concrete way is it possible to create a VR experience in this field? Those are questions that will be tackled in this talk.
  3. Master talk: A speaker with a notable career in the field of digital storytelling with a link to music documentaries guide us through their past experiences and discuss recent works.