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Filmconcert: Alfred Hitchcock's Blackmail (1929)

Live score: James Whale Orchestra & Postland


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An Alfred Hitchcock suspense classic with a new soundtrack played live! A beautiful blonde, a gruesome murder, a charming villain, a chase through the British Museum, clever plot twists, deception... and, of course, the master filmmaker himself in one of his celebrated cameo roles. All the essential ingredients of Hitchcock's most celebrated films - and it all started with 'Blackmail'.

Hitchcock's last silent film also became his first sound film when Wardour studios commissioned him to remake it with the newly invented sound technology. The very first British sound film, Blackmail became a huge international box office hit and opened the doors of Hollywood for the young director who, as everyone knows, became one of the greatest directors in film history. The silent version of Blackmail has always remained the critics' choice as the better film, and in recent years has gained a reputation as one of the greatest Hitchcock films, with its razor-sharp plot and furious pace.

The James Whale Orchestra joins forces with music collective Postland to play a brand new soundtrack in the style of the classic Hitchcock films. Inspired by 'Vertigo' and 'Psycho' composer Bernard Herrman, the new soundtrack combines live soloists with a unique virtual orchestra of samples and numerous sound effects to create the illusion of a large film orchestra.