• Exhibition

Heelzz on Wheelzz


    On May 5th, during Liberation Day, drag artists and taxi drivers come together with Mayor Halsema for a freedom meal where gathering and conversations about discrimination take center stage. The freedom meal is part of the exhibition "Heelzz on Wheelzz" organized by The House of Hopelezz, along with Taxi Central Amsterdam, Uber, Bolt, and Melkweg Expo. This meal brings members of this drag house and other members of the LGBTQIA+ community together with drivers from TCA, Uber, and Bolt with the aim of increasing understanding and empathy.

    For many, ordering a taxi may seem straightforward, but for drag artists and other members of the LGBTQ+ community, it's a challenge. Public transport is often unsafe due to threats and intimidation, and for example, taxi drivers refuse to take drag artists, limiting their freedom of movement, especially at night when many of them work. In addition, taxi drivers themselves often face discrimination. The stories and experiences of these two communities - which often have more in common than is thought - are brought together with Heelzz on Wheelzz.

    The freedom meal is complemented by an exhibition showcasing personal stories of discrimination. This exhibition will present stories highlighting the various forms of discrimination faced by both drag artists and taxi drivers. These stories serve as testimonies of the challenges and obstacles these communities experience daily, emphasizing the need for a collective effort to promote an inclusive and respectful society. Melkweg Expo, as a partner, provides the location and facilitates the conversation and the Freedom Meal at Melkweg Expo. The meal is made possible with the support of the Erwin Olaf Foundation, the Municipality of Amsterdam, and the VFonds.