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Kaan Tangöze (Duman)


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Vanwege problemen rondom het verkrijgen van een visum, kan de show van Kaan Tangöze niet plaatsvinden. Het concert is daarom afgelast. Kaartkopers ontvangen automatisch restitutie en bericht van onze ticketingpartner Ticketmaster.

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Kaan Tangöze is known from the Turkish band Duman, which he himself formed in 1999 and of which he was the lead singer and guitarist. Before that, the musician played in grunge cover band Mad Madame, nowadays Kaan performs as a solo artist. In 2015, he released his first solo record, "Gölge Etme. In 2022, he reinterpreted 10 compositions by folk musician Aşık Mahzuni Şerif on a new solo album. All 10 songs on the album, which was recorded in the musician's Istanbul studio, were arranged by Tangöze himself. For the first time, his solo album will meet his fans in Europe.  

During his show in Amsterdam, he will, of course, sing his favorite Duman compositions together with his fans in acoustic form.