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Mr. Big


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The American hard rock band Mr.Big saw the light of day in 1988. With the album ‘Lean Into It’ the band had their major breakthrough and stormed the Dutch charts with hits like ‘To Be With You’ and ‘Just Take My Heart’.

In 2024 the band is touring through Europe with 'The Big Finish'-tour. After the drummer and co-founder of the band, Pat Torpey, passed away, the band decided that this chapter of their legacy has come to an end. Drummer and friend of the band Nick D’Virgilio (known for his work in Spock’s Beard and Big Big Train), will be on the drums this tour.

Other than that, this will probably their last show on Dutch grounds, the band will make this an extraordinary evening and lay their iconic album 'Lean Into It' in full. And of course Mr. Big will play many other tracks of their renowned repertoire!