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support: Silent Planet / Thornhill / Paledusk


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18.00 Doors 18.30 Paledusk! 19.20 Thornhill 20.10 Silent Planet 21.25 Polaris

The Australian metalcore group Polaris is renowned for their powerful sound, deeply rooted in progressive metal and post-rock, with influences from electronic elements. With their latest album, 'Fatalism,' the quintet from Sydney delves into the feelings of fear, despair, and dystopia that have confronted the world in recent years. This sentiment was further intensified for the band when they tragically lost guitarist Ryan Siew. This introspection adds an even greater sense of weight and foreboding to the band's music than ever before, all while maintaining their distinctive blend of melodic metalcore, lush post-rock, and electronic sounds.

Our venue is set to shake to its core with not one, but three incredible support acts: Silent Planet, Thornhill, and the Japanese sensation Paledusk! Silent Planet brings enchanting hooks infused with a fusion of hardcore, post-rock, and metal. Thornhill stunned audiences with their debut album, featuring crushing riffs and atmospheric metalcore. In their latest work, they venture into the realms of alternative and rock. Finally, we are delighted to welcome Paledusk from Japan, who left a lasting impression at Jera on Air with their intense mix of metalcore, industrial, nu-metal, and EDM.