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Scream / Soulside


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19:30 Doors 20:00 Soulside 21:30 Scream

The American hardcore punk band Scream stood shoulder to shoulder with bands like Minor Threat and Government Issue at the beginning of the Washington DC hardcore movement. The scene was characterized blinding speed, heavy political and social connotations in the lyrics, unpretentiousness of attitude, and shunning of commercialism.  Known for their fiery live performances, an urgent blend of punk and Bad Brains/Clash-inspired dub, and rock 'n' roll swagger, the band returns to Europe this spring! With an extensive discography starting with the groundbreaking 'Still Screaming' in 1982, they even added new work to their repertoire with 'DC Special', which also features Dave Grohl, who previously replaced Kent Stacks as drummer and played on the fourth album 'No More Censorship'.

It's going to be a DC punk night, as Soulside will also be joining this evening!