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Siblings of the Soil

International Women's Day 2024

Cinema Expo OZ UP

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In honor of International Women's Day, Melkweg presents the event "Siblings of the Soil." On this evening, Melkweg Expo, in collaboration with Bar Bario, unveils the exhibition named "Siblings of the Soil" on ecofeminism.

At its core, ecofeminism asserts that the oppression of women and the degradation of the environment are interconnected outcomes of patriarchal and capitalist systems. This narrative cannot be authentically presented without acknowledging the voices and experiences of those most profoundly affected: women from the Global South.

While feminism has often been explored from a Eurocentric and Western perspective, ecofeminism demands a different approach. It insists that the story must be shaped and articulated by the women who bear its consequences most deeply. In this context, there is a compelling need to amplify the voices and narratives of those residing in the Global South—an essential contribution to a better understanding of ecofeminism and its profound global impact.

Bar Bario has selected six different artists, each sharing their perspective on feminism in various ways. The dynamics of diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and artistic expressions converge in a captivating and engaged exhibition.

The program is amplified with tunes from the Rotterdam-based collective Ampfeminine and an art market hosted by Viva La Vulva.

Bar Bario is a "safer space," creative hub, and bar located in Amsterdam West. Established in 2021, they focus on exhibitions, events, and creating space for the Queer and Trans community, as well as the community of Color.