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Siblings of the Soil

International Women's Day 2024

Cinema Expo MILK OZ UP

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On 8 March 2024, Melkweg Expo will open the exhibition Siblings of the Soil and offer a platform to the underrepresented voices in the conversation on ecofeminism. The climate crisis is far from apolitical; it is the result of political decisions made primarily by the West, at the expense of the Global South. With global crises in areas such as Gaza, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Sudan, and their impact on our planet, it becomes increasingly crucial to centralise the experiences and voices of women of colour—who are often overlooked—in discussions about climate justice. Siblings of the Soil puts these women from the Global South, who are often disproportionately affected by the effects of climate change, at the centre of the conversation. The exhibition opening will offer an evening full of art, music and conversations—all underlying the importance of ecofeminism. The exhibition will run from 8 March until 28 April.

The event will present the exhibition alongside an evening full of art, music and conversations, all underlying the importance of ecofeminism. The music will be provided by Ampfeminine, featuring performances by Sennes, Ayisha Thomas, and Suzooki Swift. Additionally, there will be an art market featuring art prints and handmade jewelry and lingerie. Spoken word performances are also on the program, presented by Viva La Vulva, featuring performances by Alejandra Ortiz, Ghazaleh, and Julia-Beth Harris, along with a DJ set by Dj Nata Babaju, hosted by DJ Willa. Bar Bario will also bring its living room conversations in the form of Bario Radio to Melkweg, where they will engage in conversations with Chautuileo Tranamil and Victoria McKenzie. 

Would you like to create your own art? You can do so at the Sip & Paint event by drINKcafé. This part of the event aims to start conversations and stimulate creativity while enjoying a drink.

This exhibition presents works by Tiana Japp, Irina Naji, Maha Eljak, Dina El Zeneiny, Rah Naqvi and Nella Ngingo. These artists offer critical perspectives on the themes of patriarchy, ecofeminism and capitalism: ranging from the representation of womanhood in Burundi to Palestine. These urgent topics and perspectives are translated into various art forms—including painting, photography and beadwork.

The opening event starts on March 8th from 17:00 to 22:00, and the exhibition will be on display until April 28th at Melkweg Expo. From March 9th, the exhibition will be open every Tuesday through Sunday from 11:00 to 19:00. Entrance is free of charge.

The exhibition Siblings of the Soil is curated by Bar Bario and made possible by the Mondriaan Fund.



    Music (Ampfeminine) 

    Surinamese at heart and roots, born in the late 70’s and bred in Rotterdam. Electronic music caught her attention at a young age. Literally brought up in the early 90’s club scene, so feeling free and letting go is what she represents. Her performances, a journey through Detroit sounds, breaks and raw energetic electrifying beats, showcase her passion for electronic music and her ability to deeply connect with her audience. Sennes's style is not just music; it's an immersive experience that reflects her diverse influences and dedication to her craft.

    Ayisha Thomas
    Ayisha Thomas navigates a unique musical path, addressing current societal and political issues through opinionated songs. Inspired by 90s soul stars like Lauryn Hill, she infuses optimism and humor into her compositions, creating a refreshing take on political challenges. Each song showcases a diverse blend of soul, sound, and experiences, drawing from jazzy percussion, melodic basslines, and Asian/African instruments. Influenced by reggae and modern R&B, Ayisha's music serves as a poignant soundtrack for systemic faults. Using her art as a cathartic outlet, she aims to change the mindset of those in power, urging them towards positive change in our ever-evolving world.

    Suzooki Swift
    ‘Loudest show, Fab, High energy, A show you can’t get over’ — That’s how fans describe Suzooki Swift’s performance. As a music producer and self-proclaimed rap-villain, Suzooki Swift creates music that is unapologetic. With hard hitting beats, skillful and versatile vocals, and lyrics that balance between playful and violent, she captivates audiences with her fierce presence and high energy. Her music resonates with fans of hip-hop, rock, hard electronic genres and queer rap, empowering them to create their own reality and feel unstoppable.

    ▷ Storytelling

    Ghazaleh Ghobadi
    Ghazaleh Ghobadi is an artist, storyteller and a creative producer with a scientific background (Ph.D. medical physics). After many years of experiencing solitude, first in Iran as a woman and later in the Netherlands as an immigrant, telling stories and free expression of her stories on a canvas created a bridge for her to connect to the world. Ghazaleh has a particular insight into life that people often lack as she notices little details that are mostly overlooked. With her stories and paintings, she brings those details into the light and opens the door to the world that is otherwise overlooked. She advocates creating art without censorship and promotes artists who dare to cross the censorship line inside Iran. Believing in the power of collective efforts for change, she dares to address socio-political issues and shed light on injustices that demand attention.

    Alejandra Ortiz
    A brown Mexican trans woman with a history of marginalization, violence, sex work among other intersections. In the Netherlands since 2015.  Alejandra devotes her activism to the visibility and empowerment of marginalized communities with projects by organizations and collectives such as TNN,TranScreen Film Festival, Queer Network Alliance, Transgender Europe and her collective; Papaya Kuir. In 2022 her memoirs De waarheid zal me bevrijden was published by Lebowski Publishers. In 2023 she was awarded the Winq Community Award. Her book has been selected as one of the 10 rainbow books of the Dutch language, and also nominated for the Opzij Literature Prize. She is the curator of 2024 Pride Photo Award.

    Alejandra will share with us, about a book from Argentinian author Camila Sosa Villada. And reflect on the meaning of womanhood, terminology and ways to be better allies in the common struggle against patriarchy.

    ▷ Spoken word

    Julia-Beth Harris
    Julia-Beth Harris writes creative texts and performs them. With a background in Graphic and Fashion Design, her words embody a visual, multi-layered quality. From a poetry installation and voiceover for Nxt Museum's digital art exhibition to a poetic performance art piece for the Amsterdam Fringe Theater festival, Julia-Beth's creative writing inspires at the intersection of literature and art. Having identities on different continents, Southern Africa and Northern Europe, Julia-Beth’s work serves as a bridge between cultures, bringing together international communities with grace, intellect, and calmly commanding stage presence. 

    ▷ Art market


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