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Silent Disco (2024)

Africadelic Festival

Intro & Q&A: Chris Odeh


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20:45 Doors 21.15 Introduction by Chris Odeh 21.30 Silent Disco (2024) 22.47 Q&A with Chris Odeh and Ramsey Nouah

Africadelic Festival presents the première of the latest Nollywood film from producer Chris Odeh, who will be present for a Q&A and before the film will talk about his new book 'Before You Say Action', a hand book for aspiring film makers. The film's executive producer, Ramsey Nouah, will be present as well.

In Silent Disco Bobby uncovers Dr. Pops' deceitful schemes amidst the glamour of The Shrine's exclusive house party, triggering a deadly chain of events. Threatened with exposure, Dr. Pops orchestrates Bobby's demise, framing it as an accident. Chaos erupts as Richy Songs stumbles upon the truth, leading to a fatal confrontation. Inspector Wike's investigation uncovers a web of corruption, implicating Dr. Pops and Detective Nse. With Bobby's phone revealing damning evidence, justice prevails, sealing the fate of the guilty parties. In the aftermath, The Shrine's once-glamorous facade crumbles, exposing the darkness lurking within its walls.

Before You Say Action is a new handbook written by Chris Odeh that offers (budding) independent filmmakers an insightful journey into the multifaceted world of independent filmmaking, using Chris Odeh's astute observations and first-hand knowledge in producing such Nollywood films as Rattlesnake: The Ahanna Story, Choke and Tokunbo. Through a meticulous exploration of key elements, the intricacies of a film production are covered, from motives, budgeting and distribution strategies to the importance of tailored storytelling, target audience, assembling the right team and mastering the art of production management. Combining knowledge with practice, this handbook is an invaluable compass for any (budding) independent filmmaker who wants to make his or her cinematic vision a reality.

Chris Odeh is a Nigerian filmmaker with more than 15 years of experience in the film and television industry. He is the line producer of Living in Bondage and Oloibiri and has produced more than 15 films, including Rattlesnake: The Ahanna Story, Choke, Tokunbo, Nneke, the Pretty Serpent and Aki and Pawpaw. Ramsey Nouah is a Nigerian actor and director. He has starred in numerous films since the 1990s and in 2010 he won the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his performance in The Figurine (2009). Nouah started directing in 2015, when he secured the rights to the legendary 1992 Nollywood film Living in Bondage. He then directed the Nollywood classic Rattle Snake: The Ahanna Story (2020), a remake of Rattlesnake (1995).

Over the past three decades, Nigeria's film industry has become a global powerhouse releasing hundreds of films each year. Nollywood, a portmanteau of Nigeria and Hollywood as well as Bollywood, has come to mark the plenitude of filmmaking happening in Lagos from the early 1990s onwards. Following the success of the 1992 straight-to-VHS film Living in Bondage by director Chris Obi Rapu, the Nigerian film industry experienced a popular home video boom that gained an huge following in Nigeria, across Africa, and among the global African diaspora. In fact, Nollywood is nowadays considered the world’s second-largest film industry, and even the largest in terms of output and popularity. Producing about 2,500 films annually and reaching an estimated audience of over 200 million people worldwide, Nollywood has not only seemingly surpassed Hollywood but also Bollywood with regards to production and consumption size.

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Africadelic is a platform and festival operating from Paradiso Amsterdam that is committed to the programming and promotion of African and African diasporic cultural creativity, diversity and activism in the Netherlands. The annual Africadelic Festival is an ode to the African continent and its worldwide diaspora, and offers a showcase of the cultural wealth and profound influence Afrodescendants have on global culture and society. This year scheduled from May 23-31, 2024, the festival offers another week filled with concerts, films, and talks.