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The Blind Orchestra (2014)

Benefiet Marokko - in samenwerking met Arab Film Festival


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21:00 Doors 21:15 The Blind Orchestra (2014)

Due to the tragic earthquake in Morocco, Rotterdam Arab Film Festival has selected a film at our Cinema as a small benefit for the victims. Together, we will screen the Moroccan musical feature film The Blind Orchestra (L'Orchestre des Aveugles) and all proceeds from the screening will be donated to Giro 6868 of the Red Cross. 

At the centre of this story is Houcine, not only an ardent admirer of the young King Hassan II, but also the charismatic leader of a popular orchestra. As the musicians play a clever trick, pretending to be blind in order to perform their music at exclusive women's parties, a deeper story of passion and deceit is revealed. 

Running parallel to this story is the moving account of Mimou. Ever since he was seven, he has been madly in love with Chama, the neighbour's maid. As he struggles with the pressures and expectations of his strict father, Mimou resorts to faking his school grades, a choice that leads him down an unpredictable path. 

Mohamed Mouftakir weaves a rich tapestry of sound, emotion and tradition with this film. Music is not only the beating heart of the film, but also an essential bridge to understanding the Moroccan culture of the time. "The Blind Orchestra" is not just a film, but an experience - a dive into a time and place where music touches the soul.