The Distillers


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Dit is het verplaatste programma van 9 juni 2021 en daarna naar 15 juni 2022 en nu naar 14 juni 2023. Kaarten en lidmaatschappen blijven geldig voor de nieuwe datum, kaartkopers ontvangen per mail meer informatie over wat te doen bij verhindering op deze nieuwe datum.

Razor-sharp songs, dark lyrics, raw energy and then there is also the voice of front woman Brody Dalle. Simply calling The Distillers a punk band doesn't do justice to either the band or punk. The Distillers were one of the most influential bands in the California punk scene. Originally formed in 1998 in Los Angeles, the energetic band released a series of powerful albums, EPs and singles on punk labels Epitaph and Hellcat. They then released their third masterpiece 'Coral Fang' on Sire before taking a break and finally splitting up in 2006.

After a 12-year silence the punk gods returned in 2018 with their first single Man vs. Magnet, the B-side was titled Blood in Gutters and is slightly shorter and sharper. The Distillers are currently in the studio working on the follow up to 'Coral Fang'.