• Exhibition

This Is The Truth

The Black Queer Masculine Through A Reclaimed Lens - A Prelude


    This Is The Truth: The Black Queer Masculine Through a Reclaimed Lens – A Prelude is an exhibition curated by BSDWCORP., an artistic and social practice founded by J.G. Basdew. This exhibition portrays the complex identity of the black queer man—told from their own perspective and seen through a contemporary lens. By interweaving the past with the present, it offers a glimpse into the future.

    This exhibition presents an intimate and authentic portrait of black queer masculinity through photography and film. The works of iconic British photographer Clifford Prince King, Lyle Ashton Harris, Marvel Harris, Stephen Isaac-Wilson en Ajamu X, D'Angelo Lovell Williams explore the depth of their personal and collective identities—free from conventional narratives. This Is The Truth captures the rich, nuanced reality of queer black men and queer men of colour, who are often marginalised. The exhibition celebrates their existence and resilience, which despite any social challenges endures to promote authentic self-expression.

    This Is The Truth sets out to expand our understanding of the complexity and versatility of black queer identities. This exhibition invites visitors not only to acknowledge—but also to celebrate—the rich and dynamic reality of black queer existence.

    This program is made possible by the Mondriaan Fund.