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Brazilian singer-songwriter Tiago Iorc is celebrating a major stage in his career. With his partner Duda Rodrigues, he won the 2023 Latin Grammy in the Best Portuguese Language Song category for "Tudo Que a Fé Pode Tocar", the fourth track from the album "Daramô", which he released 2022. Nominated in three categories - the album also competed in the "Best Brazilian Popular Music Album" and "Best Recording Technique for an Album" categories.  

He found inspiration in nature, the beautiful landscapes of Bahia and the affection of the local people. According to the singer, this connection with people and places was fundamental to finding the Brazilianness in the album's sound: "Affection is one of Brazil's greatest treasures and this power inspires me tremendously," he explains. Last summer, the single "Durar (Uma Vida com Você)" was released, a successful collaboration between Tiago and Laura Pausini, which also yielded an acoustic version.

On 4 September, Tiago Iorc's coming to Amsterdam, for a performance at our OZ hall!