On 22 March the international bunch Jaya The Cat will once again set the roof on fire in the OZ. We spoke to them briefly about the show and their special connection with the Melkweg! 

This is your music in one sentence...
We call it "drunk reggae" but really we're just imitating The Clash.

You are, of course, quite familiar faces here. What’s your special connection with our venue?
In the last 20 years we have played the Melkweg at least 10 times. It all started because this is our favorite venue for shows ourselves and now we can't imagine playing anywhere else in Amsterdam. 

What can we expect from your show on March 22?
It will be a real greatest hits show. We are not going to try out new work or dust off obscure old tracks, but we will play all the songs that everyone can sing along to from front to back.

This is what not many people know about us...
Most of us were in metal bands before Jaya the Cat and the rest prefer to listen to country or techno in their spare time!

Besides Jaya The Cat, support act La Roska will also be on stage next Wednesday, a Dutch Latin-rock-ska band with South American roots. It's sure is going to be a good night!

A dancing crowd within the Melkweg with a single singer on the stage.

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