Afterparty hosted by Wap Shoo Wap

Rebellious Amsterdam-based vinyl-only record label specialized in gritty three-chord music, named after the classic Dutch punk single from 1978, "I'm Sure We're Gonna Make It (Wap Shoo Wap)" by Ivy Green. You might already be familiar with Wap Shoo Wap from their punk and rock 'n roll parties they've been throwing in Amsterdam for about six years now. But for the past two years, they've also been running a record label, releasing vinyl from bands like The Covids, FuckFuckFuck, The Mocks, and Savage Beat. Tonight, they'll be hosting the afterparty featuring some of their favorite bands, spinning the hardest and rawest gems from their own record collection behind the turntables, all under the motto: "Mess around to the Mokum sound!"

This afterparty is free with your Pretty Pissed Festival ticket!

The Covids

Born in Amsterdam during the pandemic but sounding like they're straight out of 1977. Raw, fast, and energetic yet also melodic and fun. Just like The Buzzcocks and The Damned. PS. Perhaps tonight, The Covids will release their new limited-edition vinyl single on Wap Shoo Wap Records: "The Covids - Banned from the USA."

Coco Cocaine

Hague-based fem-punkers who immerse you in thought with dense, relentless bass and drum riffs, creating an environment where anything is possible.

No Brains

Minds set to zero, eyes fixed on infinity. Young, engaged teenage punk rebels from Utrecht with punk hearts in the right place.

About Pretty Pissed

Let’s release some ANGER during PRETTY PISSED! On Saturday, May 25th, Melkweg presents "Pretty Pissed." A day filled with punk in the broadest sense of the genre, as long as it's pissed! Let yourself be carried away by the energy of shredding guitars, ruthless drums, heartfelt lyrics, and we're not afraid to embrace some electronic beats!