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Rat-based Warfare Tour: The Old World

support: Gost / Zetra


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In the tumultuous noise scene of Los Angeles, the band HEALTH emerged, formed by vocalist-guitarist Jake Duzsik, bassist-producer John Famiglietti, and drummer BJ Miller. Like influential heavyweights such as Nine Inch Nails and Ministry, the industrial rock band knows how to blur the boundaries between metal, electronic, and pop music, while simultaneously creating a unique sound that encompasses them all. HEALTH certainly showcases this in their notable collaborations with artists such as Nine Inch Nails, Bad Omens, Poppy, and Perturbator.

On their most recent album, RAT WARS, the trio once again demonstrates their boundless creativity. Within moments, you transition from the arena-worthy track 'DEMIGODS' to the nervy techno of 'HATEFUL', and even to the merciless gabber-thrash of 'CRACK METAL'. The evening opens with performances by Gost (synthwave/horror) and Zetra (synthrock duo).