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New Model Army



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The British band New Model Army has been doing what they do best for over four decades: writing politically charged poetic songs rooted in folk, punk, rock, and metal. Named after Oliver Cromwell's revolutionary army, the band has amassed a huge cult following worldwide. They have been highly influential in post-punk, folk rock, political rock, goth, metal, and various musical subcultures, refusing to conform to any one genre label.

Tonight is all about their new album 'Unbroken,' released in early 2024. The band started writing it in 2021. They decided early on that their number one choice to mix the new album would be the legendary Tchad Blake, known for his work with, among others, The Black Keys. Full of guitars, searing vocals and with the emphasis on bass and drums which characterizes all their work, Unbroken sounds a lot like New Model Army, but different again.