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Art Rendezvous w' Jade Maduike


    Get in, Loser! Get ready for Art Rendezvous w/: where art and socializing come together for a vibrant evening of new connections, music, good vibes and creativity.

    You're invited to the first edition of Art Rendezvous w/ at Milk Café, a unique blend of an art exhibition and a social gathering designed for young adults to connect with like-minded creative souls. At Art Rendezvous w/, we proudly collaborate with emerging and talented POC artists, providing a platform for them to showcase their artistic self-expression to a fresh audience. Our first edition is an exhibition in collaboration with the talented Nigerian London-based illustrator, Jade Maduike. Don't miss the chance to see her captivating artwork. 

    This program is organized by Milk Made, the youth division of the Melkweg. Learn more at melkweg.nl/milk-made. The lineup is curated by Sharon Ngu-Nji. The event is organized by Chaïra Gemin and Sharon Ngu-Nji.

    This program is made possible by Fonds21 and Cultuurfonds.

    Open to broadening your social circle with diverse and open-minded individuals in real life? Our unique approach combines the world of art with speed dates, allowing you to meet like-minded people in a relaxed and creative setting. Don't miss this opportunity to expand your social network, discover shared passions, and perhaps even find a new friend or two. Come join us at Art Rendezvous w/ for an unforgettable evening of art, conversation, and connection.

    The Speed dates are tailored for individuals aged 21 to 30. If you fall outside this range, no problem. You're still and always welcome to join us from 19:30 onwards. See you then!

    Jade Maduike (she/her) is a London based multimedia artist whose distinctive portraiture style is deeply influenced by her British Nigerian upbringing. Jade’s work explores themes of chaos, fluidity and femininity as vibrant re-imaginations of her experiences through the lens of a young black woman. 

    Originally practicing as a traditional graphite artist, Jade has expanded to a specialization in digital illustration and ink, combining the elements of realism and surrealism that have come to define her artistic expression. This exhibition includes a selection of works from her collection “I Found Comfort in My Night Terrors” a selection of bizarre and enchanting digital artworks, crossing the boundaries between fear, adrenaline and ecstasy - largely inspired by personal experiences, fantasies and the culture that defined them. Alongside this are a selection of pieces inspired by “Fluidity and Tranquility” a digital and ink collection, making their first exhibition debut.