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Psicotrópicos Festival

Amsterdam Showcase

Ilê Aiyê / Deize Tigrona / Luisa e os Alquimistas


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19:00 Doors 19:30 Luisa e Os Alquimistas 20:45 Ilê Ayê 22:30 Deize Tigrona

With an exceptional collection of artists challenging social, political and gender differences, Psicotrópico is the ultimate event to experience the best of Brazil's very vibrant music scene. On Friday July 5th, the Berlin-based festival will arrive in Amsterdam, with a dynamic line-up of upcoming and established stars including Ilê Aiyê, Deize Tigrona & Luisa e Os Alquimistas.

Ilê Aiyê 
Founded in 1974 in Liberdade, the blackest neighbourhood of Salvador, Bahia, Ilê Aiyê began as a carnival group exclusive to Black people, in response to racism and exclusion.  Although not explicit, they inhibited their participation in the city’s official carnival circuit. The Black Power and Black Panther movements were their biggest inspiration. Ilê Aiyê also became a hub in the community, spreading awareness of social injustice, civil rights, and most importantly, praising the African roots. Now, five decades after it all started, Ilê resisted and became a source of inspiration to many Afro-descendant personalities in Brazil and abroad such as Gilberto Gil, Margareth Menezes, Carlinhos Brown and top model Naomi Campbell.

Deize Tigrona
As the first female MC in Brazilian funk, Deize Tigrona's career marks two decades with lots of stories to tell. With three albums released, Deize's work is based on continuous innovation, always mindful of the experimentalism that music offers to those who dare to be bold. Collaborating on music projects with artists like Diplo, M.I.A., and Buraka Som Sistema, Deize also engages in national partnerships, including collaborations with singer Jup do Bairro and producers such as JLZ, Malka Julieta, BADSISTA, DJ Chernobyl, Teto Preto, Francês Beats, Iasmin Turbininha, KD Soundsystem, Larinhx, Boogarins, among many others.

Luisa e os Alquimistas
This avant-garde collective with female protagonists blends brega culture with punk rock attitude and force. The album "Jaguatirica print" launched them as one of the leading names in Brazilian contemporary music. With their unmistakable alchemy, Luisa e os Alquimistas wander through a mix of styles including pop, brega, forró, piseiro, reggaeton, reggae, as well as electronic and Jamaican music.