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Violist Zonder Viool (2023)

IN-EDIT Music Documentary Film Festival

Q&A: Bob Entrop


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14:30 Doors 15:00 Violist Zonder Viool (2023)

IN-EDIT is back! From 11 to 21 April the sixth edition of the music documentary festival takes place at the Melkweg. Again many great music films will be screened this year, like this heartfelt documentary about Gypsy violinist Nello Mirando Weis, with Q&A.

Violinist zonder Viool unfolds the story of Nello Mirando Weis, at 67, the former first violinist of the acclaimed Royal Gypsy Orchestra Tata Mirando, who has mastered the strings with only two and a half fingers due to a congenital condition. This narrative, a continuation of his story from the documentary Gypsy Music Hurts filmed 15 years prior, dives into Nello's subsequent battle with his illness, leading to his heart-wrenching departure from music. Residing in an apartment in Arnhem, he recounts a life riddled with personal demons—addiction, divorce, and neglect of his children—only to discover, in the quiet twilight of his years, that life holds melodies beyond music. It's in the embrace of his family and the act of teaching through his voice that Nello finds a new concert to conduct, even as fate dials in with news of potential surgery, introducing a poignant twist to his already compelling saga.

After the film, a Q&A with director Bob Entrop will take place. 

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